Striving for a Perfect Life?

Do I have to live a perfect life to be a life coach? I will not leave you in suspense – of course, the answer is “no.” It sounds like a silly question when you ask it out loud, but it’s a question that has lurked in conversations I’ve had with...

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Happy International Coaching Week!

Happy International Coaching Week (May 15-21) This annual global celebration of coaching began in 1999, initiated by ICF Master Certified Coach, Jerri N. Udelson. The focus is to educate the public about coaching. Coaches offer pro bono services...

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My mom, Phyllis, passed away at age 88 on March 4.  As I’ve celebrated her life and am grieving her loss I’d love to share three things about her and the resulting coaching questions that she inspires. These stories and questions make me smile...

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Don’t Let This Happen To You! (Again)

They both wanted professional coaching credentials but were blindsided by learning that the training they took did not lead to ICF coaching credentials. About two years ago I wrote a post titled “Don’t Let This Happen To You!” I hear these sad...

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Creating New Coaching Community Memories

I'm a saver. Take a look at this CCN conference materials binder from 2003! It’s been in my office, on the bookshelf ever since. It’s from the first ever CCN conference, an in-person event held in Virginia Beach, VA. Next week, I will attend the...

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Can I Make Money As a Coach?

According to the International Coach Federation, coaching is a two billion dollar industry. Yes, one can make money as a coach. But you want to know if you will make money as a...

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Who Do You Want Your Clients to Be?

Identifying your niche or target market may be one of the biggest challenges you face as a new coach starting a coaching business. As a coach you want to help people and when you start out you feel like you would help anyone, right? As a coach...

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Rock Heart on Beach

Person-to-Person Call

Setting up your coaching business requires an immense amount of focused energy. If you are in the process of creating a coaching business or ministry, you know exactly what I mean. You can get focused on choosing a logo or creating your intake...

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Picture of a Phone

Christian Coaches: Do I Have to be Certified?

Recently, I read an article reporting shady life coaching business practices, and bringing into question the lack of regulation in the coaching industry. Posted by NBC News, the article acknowledges that “while illicit activity can happen in any...

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