Happy International Coaching Week

(May 15-21)

This annual global celebration of coaching began in 1999, initiated by ICF Master Certified Coach, Jerri N. Udelson. The focus is to educate the public about coaching. Coaches offer pro bono services and educational events to help grow awareness of the value of coaching.

From Jerri’s website: “I am really pleased that so many coaches are participating in International Coaching Week. It is very gratifying to know that so many people are offering pro bono coaching and other community events in such a heartfelt way. When I started National Coaching Week (which later became International Coaching Week) in 1999, I had no idea that it would soon take on a life of its own. I really am delighted that this Week is becoming a focal point for both publicizing coaching worldwide and providing the public with a sense of the possibilities that coaching offers.”

Six Easy Ways to Share Coaching on Social Media

One way to join the ICW celebration is to let people know more about coaching through social media. Share articles and videos that help educate the public about what coaching is and the benefits of working with a coach.

Share the link to What is Coaching?

a video

Share the link toUnlock Your Potential

– an ICF PDF

Add Experience Coaching toYour FB Profile Picture

Share the Linksto these great Articles

I would love to hear ways you are sharing about coaching on your Social Media accounts.  The more we spread the word the more people will understand how they can benefit from coaching.  Please share below!

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