Traditionally coaches have worked as solo entrepreneurs. We’ve worked virtually and often in isolation in our home offices. Isolation can make us susceptible to discouragement and low self-confidence. Human connection is a basic need that must be addressed in our self-care.

Whether in person or virtual, we can never rely on our clients as our primary source of human work connection. Using clients as self-care, to fulfill our need for human connection, isn’t healthy or ethical.

We need work connections that go beyond professional exchanges of information and services.  We need other coaches.

While connecting in person is preferrable, we all learned during the pandemic that when it is not possible, live video connection is the next best thing. For many coaches this may be the only option for connecting with other coaches due to living in areas where there are no other coaches to connect with in person.

For your own health and wellbeing and for your own greater success as a coach, connect with other coaches!

Also. Hey introverts like me. This means you too!

Where to make connections with other coaches:

ICF – International Coaching Federation – Search the directory to find other coaches in your area. Connect with your local ICF chapter for virtual and in person events.

 CCNI – Christian Coaches Network International – Search the directory to find other coaches in your area. Connect with virtual events.

 Your coach education program – Check with your coaching education program. Who else from your program is located in your area?

Shared community office space – To further combat isolation, consider moving out of your home office into a shared office space. This may not connect you with other coaches, but it could connect you with other solo entrepreneurs who also need to combat isolation.

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