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What does it take to start a coaching business or ministry?

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The Life Coaching Comparison Tool

Learn the difference between life coaching and counseling and other helping professions.




The Life Coaching Comparison Tool



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The Business of Coaching: Starting the Journey – eCourse

If you’re like many coaches starting out, the business of coaching may not be your strength. You may wonder, what does it take to start a coaching business or ministry? What contributes to the ultimate success of a Christian coaching business or ministry? Where do I begin and how do I establish a foundation for success?    $97

The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training – eBook

For those considering coach training for personal development, professional applications, or serving and ministry, this comprehensive resource provides answers.

    • A primer on the field of Christian coaching
    • Information on accreditation of schools and credentialing of coaches
    • A downloadable directory of current top Christian coach training schools
    • The directory provides information on each school listed such as primary areas of coach training focus, ICF approval status, website and contact information.
    • Eleven decision-making factors are presented, guiding readers through the process of choosing coach training that is right for their unique purposes.
    • Training accredited and approved by the International Coaching Federation is featured, including courses applicable to ICF credentials at all levels.
    • The 2021 edition is the eighth update.

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Special events and resources include the free teleseminar “The Business of Coaching: What Does it Take” and “The Successful Christian Coaching Business or Ministry Checklist”

Established Coaches

Audit, remodel and restart your business with Linda’s business ecourse. Arrange mentor coaching toward your ACC credential.

Linda Can Help

Receive coaching or consulting as you consider, envision and activate coaching in your career, ministry and life. Linda is also a mentor coach for coaches pursuing their ACC.

This is the most informative coaching business presentation I have yet heard! It is powerful.  ~RM

Regarding Linda’s teleseminar The Business of Coaching: What Does it Take?

This was a great help, even after being in the industry for seven years. The best business development course I have taken. ~JK

Appreciation for Linda’s ecourse, The Business of Coaching: Starting the Journey

Linda has a passion and a special gift for drawing out the hidden treasures that lie deep inside us all. ~JN

From a Life Coaching Client

Coaching was extremely helpful and yet very practical…I now have a greater level of confidence in my leadership skills and a greater sense of God’s peace for the future of the church that I lead. ~BT

From a Leadership Coaching Client

This was instrumental in helping me to decide to pursue Christian Life Coaching and to also find a great coach training program that is a great fit for me.  ~KM

Appreciation for Linda’s teleseminar Becoming a Coach: What You Want to Know

When anyone asks me which coaching school to attend, the first place I send them is The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training.

Tony Stoltzfus, Owner of Coach 22

Endorsing Linda’s Book, The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training

Linda Hedberg’s unique and very practical book gives the answers – concise, informative, relevant and easy to understand…I am honored to recommend it enthusiastically.

Gary R. Collins, Author, Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality

Endorsing Linda’s Book, The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training

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