Last week I saw an internet story headline that caught my attention: 


 “I Was At Woodstock.  And I Hated It”* 


Wow.  After all this time, the perceived social pressure had diffused enough so someone felt safe to tell the truth about his experience.  Or maybe it took all these years for the writer to muster the courage to express a story that went against popular opinion.   


The headline itself started me thinking about how many times we hold back from telling the truth.  It’s not that we’re necessarily lying or deceiving.  I’m referring to the times we don’t share our true thoughts or feelings. We avoid sharing our opinions or insights.  We may keep silent out of laziness or perhaps we’re fearful.  Whatever the reason, the result is that the popular opinion of those around us determines how we live.


As coaches we are responsible to face what’s true and real in our own lives respond accordingly.  And we are responsible to help our clients do the same. 


I challenge you with these questions.  What truth do you need to face?  What is real about your circumstances that you need to acknowledge, own and address today?  What will happen if you don’t accept and face this truth?  What will happen if you do?  What will happen if you pray about this?  Of course, I encourage you to find out what will happen if you do pray about it!


Whatever your answer to these questions, I also encourage you to bravely tell someone – be it your coach, a trusted friend, or your pastor.  Ask for accountability and support to face the truth and step into that truth. 


Of course the Woodstock article I’ve mentioned is one of many in the current media, referencing the event’s 40th anniversary.  Don’t take forty years or forty days to tell your truth.  Do it now.   “The truth will set you free.”  (John 8:32)  


*If you’re interested in reading the Newsweek article “I Was At Woodstock.  And I Hated It” here is the link:

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