Ahhh… the life of an entrepreneur…ah err…coach. One thing is certain, and that is that things change. Rare is the coach (read: entrepreneur) who begins a business with a fully formed vision that stays the same over the years.

Take me, for example: I have five websites. I didn’t start with five, but over the years, God has led me to embrace new possibilities, new ways to grow my coaching business, new avenues to of ministry.

I am not a techie and when I started out as a coach in 2003, getting a website was a huge undertaking. It seemed rather like a marriage because it felt like making a commitment for life. You wanted to get it right the first time because making changes once it became “live” was extremely difficult without help. And with help, costly!

Technology changes, too, and in this case, that’s a good thing. A very good thing. I’ve been converting my websites, one by one, to WordPress, and with each completed project, I’m thrilled. Why thrilled?

I have control.

It’s easy. It’s flexible. And it’s not expensive.

I’m not a techie, and even I can make changes.

And if I’d rather not make the changes myself, my Virtual Assistant can make them for me. Either way it gets done quickly. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So, whenever I can, I encourage new coaches to investigate how they can build their business using WordPress.

Now, at this point, if you are a non-techie like me, you are wondering what WordPress is.  And me, being a non-techie…well I’m not the person to explain that to you.  In part three of my series on WordPress, I’ll have my Virtual Assistant, Susan, explain that to you.  But for now, trust me. WordPress is a great solution.

Don’t be a scaredy-coach. If you can surf the web and write an email – if you are reading this! – you can conquer your WordPress website. With just a little training you’ll be able do things like:

    • Fix that spelling error someone pointed out
    • Change the dates for your latest class
    • Add a new page that tells about your new program
    • Write a blog post
    • Add images to your site
    • … and much more

In Why I Love WordPress – Part Two, we will explore what’s involved with getting a WordPress website.

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