This week I’ll write to those of you making the decision to become a coach.  You’re toying with a career change.  You wonder whether you should sign up for a training course.

It’s most important to know your calling.  Calling is sometimes referred to as “mission” and sometimes as “vision.”  Just when you think you’ve got the working definition of those terms down, you will have to think again.  “Mission” and “vision” are addressed across a variety of authoritative settings with definitions that are sometimes opposite and sometimes interchangeable adding up to sometimes confusing.  What school of thought you’re from or what training you’ve taken or what book you’ve read determines how you use the terms. 

I’m inclined to say that your calling is your mission.  That is, “calling” or “mission” is what you’re going to do.  Typically it’s a broad statement – contained in a sentence (or so) – that includes references to the purpose or significance of your pursuit.  Statements of vision are longer and more detailed and talk about how things will look when your mission is accomplished.

Whatever you call it, identifying your purpose is the first step.  What are you called to?  What does God have for you to do?  What will it look like when you are living your calling?  Before deciding to change your career or invest time and money into training, answer these questions.

Start by writing down compelling statements that clearly identify your mission and vision.  If you are stymied, contact me to arrange coaching for identifying your mission and vision.  Ask me about upcoming coaching groups on the topic.  Ask me about my special rates on one-on-one coaching available through for a limited time. 

Come back for more on this topic in tomorrow’s post.

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