You’ve decided that life coaching is it…it matches your mission…it is your vision.  You are called to be a Christian life coach.  You’re ready to get started and you want to dive in.  Likely, your first question is, “what about training?”

If you’ve done any research at all, you know there are varying opinions on coach training and even specifically Christian life coach training. 

  • You know that there are currently no US states that require licensing for life coaches – so currently there are no “licensing requirements” to help inform your decision. 

  • You know that there are accredited programs and non-accredited. 

  • You know that there are quite a few secular coach training programs and a growing number of Christian programs. 

  • Hopefully, you know that anyone can create a training program and offer you a “certified” title – highlighting the need to consider what “certified” title you want to receive and from whom. 

There are several factors to think through when choosing training.  I’ll discuss the main ones in blog entries next week.  However, in the meantime, look at your vision.  This is an excellent example of why knowing your vision is so significant when making decisions.

Take a look at your vision (which…have I said it enough already…you have written down) and ask what will get you there.  Will you be coaching in business or ministry?  Will you be coaching only Christians?  Will you be working in a church or corporate environment?  Will you have your own coaching business five or ten years from now?

The decision to go with ICF accredited training vs. non-accredited or secular training vs. Christian, for example, is unique to your personal vision.  So hold your vision out in front of you and come back to my blog next week for information that will help you make your coach training decision.

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