My father, Roger L. Hedberg, passed away on February 27th.  My family is so blessed by the legacy he left.  He lived life based on what was most important to him – putting faith and family first.  He was a beloved pastor, a wise counselor and treasured friend to many.  Even though I miss him so much, I can’t help but smile when I think of him.  I’m happy for him that he is home in heaven.

I don’t think one can plan for the experience of losing a parent.  The experience solidly establishes the temporal aspect of life.  For me, significant perspectives are shifting and I’m making adjustments.  I’m reviewing questions like, “what really matters most?” and “how do I want to spend my time?”  I also feel inspired and challenged to honor my father’s legacy by making new (and more risky) choices with the potential for greater significance in light of my faith and calling.

Four days before my father died, my fifteen year old son posted this as his Facebook status:  “My Grandpa will be in heaven soon.  He impacted so many people in his life.  Wish I could be half the man.”  Thanks to my father, I don’t think I will ever forget the power of legacy.

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