Valuing unique gifts and talents in people is common for coaches. I find that I have a “passion filter” that causes me to be almost hyper-aware of the deep joy people access when they are expressing their unique giftedness. That filter is active, for example when I hear the Christmas song, “The Little Drummer Boy.”

drummer-boyThe song tells the story of a boy who is invited to visit baby Jesus but is concerned. He is poor and says, “I have no gift to bring…that’s fit for The King.” He decides to be who he is and do what he can. He shares his musical talent and plays his drum as a gift to the Christ child. To me, the song has always held the message that when we live out who God uniquely created us to be then we are giving back to Him. Even so, I was recently struck by a line in the song in a new and powerful way.

I was listening to a video online and in this particular arrangement of the song I heard the line “Then he smiled at me” as never before. The line was sung to highlight pure joy. Baby Jesus was filled with joy as the boy simply gave the gift of who he was and what he had. Not only did the boy experience the joy of sharing his passion for drumming, but his very passion brought joy to Jesus. And this wasn’t just an adequate or acceptable gift – it was a gift that brought joy to God himself!

When you give the gift of who God created you to be to the world around you, you bring joy to God. You are reflecting His own creation.

  • What unique gifts and passions are you bringing to those around you?
  • How do those gifts and passions bring joy to you, others and God?
  • In the light of who he created you to be, what gifts are you bringing the King this Christmas?

May you receive the smile of Jesus as you give of yourself this Christmas and throughout the New Year.


If you’ve been on Facebook at all this Christmas season, you’ve probably seen posted videos of the accapella group, Pentatonix. They are always impressive and if you’re looking for an especially remarkable musical experience I suggest Angels We Have Heard on High just released last Friday. But here is the gorgeous video of The Little Drummer Boy that sparked my story above.

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