A prospective Christian coach posted a question at an online discussion board that I looked at last week, asking for advice on Christian coach training.  Her questions referenced that she was looking into ICF training.  Among the responses, the board moderator said this, “You don’t need ICF approved training and certification to be a coach.”


Well, that’s certainly true. 


Just as true:  You don’t need training of any kind to call yourself a coach.


Whoa. Back up.  These kinds of discussions go on frequently and responses like this are only partially helpful.  Sadly for me, the board moderator who answered the question above is an established Christian coach who I wish had been more thoughtful. 


Here’s the best advice you can share with people who are considering coach training:


“Know what you’re called to do and then choose the training that will get you there.  ICF approved (or any other prescribed track) training and certification may be your best path to get you to where you believe God wants you to go.  Or it may not be.  To find the answer about what coach training is best for you, start with your unique calling.” 


A one-size-fits-all, pat answer about coach training is not helpful for prospective Christian coaches to hear.  It’s also not helpful to give.  Established coaches, please keep that in mind as you are advising others.


Established coaches, when you are faced with questions about coach training let me challenge you to coach – rather than advise.  Find out what people believe they are called to do.  Connect them with resources that will help them choose from the options that are available to them.  Encourage them to be open to the variety possible paths God has created, so they can choose what is uniquely right for them. 


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