As you envision and plan for your Christian life coaching business or ministry, consider your technology and space resources.

You may want to follow the lead of many life coaches and work with clients almost entirely by phone and via e-mail.  If so, your computer and related technology is critical to your business – as  is a completely reliable phone and phone service.  And a headset is standard equipment for a coach. 

Even though you can very well work from home – rather than renting office space – you probably need a home office.  (No, really.  The desk in a corner of the family room or at the end of the hallway probably isn’t your ideal office space, right?)  At least you need workspace that is dedicated to your coaching business and contributes to your sense of joy and success and while you work.      

  • Talk to successful life coaches who have businesses similar to what you are creating to find out what works – and doesn’t – for them. 
  • Then imagine yourself in your ideal office space, working.  As you picture that in your mind, look around and see what’s there.  (i.e. do you see a copier/printer/fax?  a color printer?  laptop?  PDA?  how about an iPOD or a coffee maker?  are you smiling yet???)  As you picture yourself working, how are you using your technology?  Write that down. 
  • Make a list of your expectations for how you will use your technology and your office space as you imagine yourself effectively and happily moving through your work day.
  • Take your list and make it happen.  What’s priority to invest in first?  (Probably a fully-capable computer and related peripherals;  OK, maybe for some it’s the coffee maker.)  What additional information do you need to make your ideal office space a reality?  Where/when will you get that information?  Now go to it! 

Don’t underestimate the importance of these resources.  Great workspace and reliable technology are definitely significant to the success of a new life coaching business.

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