Today I start blogging. 

I’m the kind of person who hesitates before doing something I’ve never done before – i.e. blogging.  I like to think things through, process how I want to do something, determine what seems the “best” approach, etc.  Good thing I have a coach to say, “OK, now take action.”*

I’m actually really excited to blog because I’m going to write about something I love – coaching – specifically coaching within a Christian context.**  And I do have a vision – a very full vision – of what will be included in this blog.***   

So what’s the vision?  To share with you (a follower of Christ who is interested in coaching) resources that will be helpful to you as you begin the “coaching chapter” of your story. 

As you read above, you see examples from my own life story of why coaching is so valuable: *When I hesitate in doing something I want to do, I am accountable to my coach for getting it done. **I have support for identifying my passion and putting it into action.  ***I have help establishing a clear vision of where I want to go.

And why is coaching with someone who shares my Christian faith important?  Because my coach is very familiar with what is most important to me.  When I say I want to live my life for God’s glory and purposes – and I want my life to be ordered accordingly – my coach knows what I mean.  There is no need for me to educate him; he is with me in wanting that for me.  He is with me in challenging me to live according to what’s most important. 

So today I start blogging.  I’ve mentioned a few things about why personally being coached is important to me and why Christian coaching is valuable.  This week, I’ll start by telling you about the resources that were helpful to me as I began.  Are you a Christian interested in life coaching?  Come back and visit my blog…I would love to be a resource to you…visit often and send me comments when you do.  I look forward to hearing from you!   

Christian Coaching Resources