I’m pleased to announce new groups for the Christian Coaching Resources community starting in January 2009!

Many have requested information on joining a coaching group, and there will be two starting in January.  These groups will be small, affordable and a limited number of spots are available, so contact me immediately to reserve your place.

If you are considering becoming a coach (an “explorer”) then the Coaching Exploratory Group is just right for you.  In this group you will:

  • learn what coaching is (and is not) and how to become a coach
  • walk through a process for deciding if you will pursue coach training and/or a coaching career
  • evaluate coach training to make the best decision for yourself about how to spend your training time and dollars
  • experience coaching yourself to help inform your choice to become a coach
  • this group will meet three times a month for three months (mid-January thru mid-April) and among other perks will include downloadable supplemental resources to facilitate your learning and decision-making process

If you are a new coach (an “activator”) who will be making significant progress establishing and growing your business in 2009, then the Coaching Activation Group is right for you.  In this group you will:

  • receive structured guidance to move your business forward including the areas of business vision and planning, basic marketing, websites and webmarketing and the multiple income streams model
  • experience group coaching and individual coaching
  • receive challenge and support for personally walking your coaching talk
  • this group will meet three times a month for five months (mid-January thru mid-June) and among other perks will include supplemental resources and guest expert speakers

Both the Exploratory and Activation groups will be experienced from a Christian faith-based perspective, allowing you to safely and openly acknowledge your faith-informed challenges and decisions. 

Let me know right away which group is right for you.  Because the groups will be small, there are a limited number of opportunities.  Please email me now so I can reserve a place for you.  Places will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.  I’ll reserve your place and send you more information as soon as I hear of your interest.  You are welcomed to email me or call me (763.780.8508) with any questions.

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