So if you shifted your mindset about technology and decided to take on the techno-challenge, how would you go about doing so? 


Start here: 

Ask dumb questions.  I know, I know.  As a coach I’m supposed to say, “there are no dumb questions.”  True, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel dumb when we ask certain questions.  Like, “what is SEO?”  or “how do I upload a pdf file?”  Ask the questions anyway.  You’ll survive.


Find new friends.  You need techno-types in your life who are willing to answer your questions in ways you can understand them.  Search for them.  Find people you enjoy connecting with and who have a passion for helping you learn. 


Try new things.  “Learn by doing” is the growth model here.  It may not be fun, but you can do this.  Roll up your sleeves and learn how to post at that blog.  Start exploring the online account (Constant Contact, perhaps) that you’ve been avoiding.  You will make progress and get results – and that’s when it becomes fun.


Make mistakes.  Recently, I sent the wrong coupon code to a group on my email list and thankfully one of my recipients alerted me.  A coach friend forgot a word making a sentence in his e-newsletter the complete opposite of what he intended to say.  Mistakes happen.  We press on.


Accept “do overs.”  Of course, since mistakes are inevitable, so are “do overs.”  Just plan for them.  Try to avoid them by thoroughly proofing your work – and expect that to take time.  But don’t be surprised when you need to go back and do something over.



And if you learn all you can about technology and become a hands-on user, what else can you expect?


            a more effective marketing strategy

            increased options for effectively getting your message out

            cost-savings and increased income

            a growing mailing list

            more opportunities to establish your expertise

            and much more…


Just do it!


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