Launching your business usually involves the convergence of initial marketing efforts focused on a day or in a timeframe dedicated to announcing your new venture and introducing yourself to the world as a coach.  Leading up to your launch, you have begun a foundation for your business, including completing your foundational coach training, establishing a business vision, and registering with your secretary of state.  You’ve identified branding basics, created business cards and established a website.  You’ve researched your target market and have a plan to reach out and build relationships with your potential clients.  And on one day or over a few days or maybe even throughout a month, you launch your business with the marketing methods of your choice – email blasts, social media posts, physical mailings, virtual or in-person events, coupons/discounts/giveaways, web and/or print advertising, etc.

I want to recommend an addition to your launch – the dedication of your business.  A celebration.  Maybe even a commissioning.  In essence, I recommend an actual event scheduled for a specific date and time, when you focus and formalize your intention that this is God’s business.  Ten years ago, I did this myself and the memory of this serves as a powerful marker of God’s presence in what I do.

I chose a day of dedication for my business and began by inviting those in my inner circle to participate by writing words of encouragement and prayers of dedication for my business and ministry.  I asked trusted friends and associates who were part of my personal, professional and ministry networks to participate.  I invited them send either an email or a physical letter or card by a specific date.  When I received the emails, I didn’t read them.  Rather I printed them off and put them in an envelope to be opened on dedication day.

On dedication day, a friend hosted a small gathering of my trusted supporters.  I took the emails and cards from friends and associates with me to the event and we read each one aloud.  Then those present shared from their hearts and prayed for me, my clients, and my business.  There were prayers for the present and for the future.  Prayers of gratefulness for what had been started and prayers of expectancy for things to come.  Prayers that God’s purposes would be accomplished in my business and that God would be glorified through my work as a coach.  And then we celebrated (with food, of course, and laughter) the excitement and joy of a new adventure and all that was to come.

Over the past ten years, I’ve been able to reference the precious memory of this event as a marker of my intention to have been about God’s business from the start.  When doubt or discouragement loom, I don’t have to try and remember what my prayers were back when I started this work or if I was actually listening to wise counsel.  I have a memory of an actual physical event that was shared with others that represents to me my intention to invite God’s presence into all aspects of my work as a coach.

If this stirs desire in you to take action…

  • Perhaps you’ve already started your business and a dedication as I’ve described sounds like something you wish you’d done.  Please don’t let that stop you!  It is possible to do it now!
  • Suggestions for whom to invite as participants in your dedication include family, friends, pastors, mentors, ministry co-workers, your mentor coach, your coach trainer(s), your coach training classmates, buddy coaches, other Christian coaches, etc.
  • As you receive words of encouragement and blessing from your supporters, consider where God is drawing your attention through the words people are sharing, the scripture, etc.  An example from my experience included a scripture reference that has been very meaningful for all of these ten years since:  “Keep alert, stand firm in your faith.  Be courageous, be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.”  1 Corinthians 16:13-14u
  • Put your collection of emails, letters, cards, etc into a special binder or file.  Write down your thoughts documenting your experience and your sense of what God is telling you and where God is drawing your attention.  You also might include your business mision and vision.  Perhaps include a copy of your coach training certificate or your ICF credentialling.  Include anything else of meaning – i.e. pictures, etc.  Keep this file or binder available and refer to it periodically as you continue your prayers and rededicate your business and ministry over the years.
  • If you choose a dedication day and want me to pray for you on that day, please let me know.  I would be honored to pray for you!
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