So you’ve identified your mission…your vision.  Hopefully that’s based on your sense of unique purpose and passion.  It’s all about who you are uniquely created to be. 

And you’re considering…coaching.  Is it really life coaching?  Is becoming a life coach part of the fulfillment of your true calling?

Take a look at your passions and values. 

If you are passionate about helping others heal and resolve personal issues, then maybe it’s not coaching.  Maybe it’s counseling or therapy.

If you love analyzing problems in your field of expertise, summarizing your analysis and making recommendations, then maybe it’s consulting.

If you deeply desire to help people identify the presence of God in their lives, then maybe it’s spiritual direction.

Have you looked at the career and ministry options that are similar to coaching and asked yourself which is truly the best match for your mission?

For help as you consider this, go to to sign in and receive (free) The Life Coaching Comparison Tool.  In addition to giving a definition of Christian life coaching, this tool clarifies basic distinctions between coaching and counseling, consulting, spiritual direction, mentoring, discipleship and pastoral care. 

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