After just browsing Christian Coaching by Gary Collins, it was easy to see that there were other Christian coaches to meet and get to know.  The first connection I made was very significant.

I noticed that the Christian Coaches Network was referenced, as was the founder and director, Judy Santos.  Wow!  A professional association of Christian coaches!  I found the website and phoned Judy.  She graciously answered my questions and shared in my delight – I had made my first “live” connection with another Christian coach and I was thrilled!

Since my first discovery of CCN, I have enjoyed two conferences where I’ve met a variety of coaches – life coaches, executive and business coaches, coaches who work in ministry organizations, coaches trained in a variety of training programs, those who coach only Christians, those who coach both Christians and non-Christians, some called to business making lots of money and others called to give coaching away in ministry.  I really like the diversity of this group.

Connections made at conferences have resulted in wonderful friendships and productive business alliances.  I have received meaningful support – personally and professionally – by the friends and associates I have made as a result of CCN. 

I believe that as we who share faith in Christ connect, we participate in multiplying opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work – both in us personally as well as in our profession.  (Yes – this is another version of the currently popular discussion on “community.”)  I want for all coaches who are Christians to have support from and give support to other Christian coaches.  We can bless each other and bless the name of Christ – giving an offering of willingness to participate in meaningful connections – to multiply God’s purposes and glory.  I invite you to participate!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the first questions I asked Judy.  



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