Last week, the topic of our free monthly tele-seminar here at Christian Coaching Resources was “How Much Does a Coaching Business Cost?”  Participants received an outline that included the following budget line items.  I shared how to determine the priority of each line item and how to avoid the most common mistakes that new coaches make. 

As a new coach, it’s important to consider all line items below.  Get excellent input from an expert – preferrably a mentor coach who’s been there before you.  Your mentor coach helps you maximize your financial investment in your business by helping you determine which of the items below are most important for you and merit your investment.  Your mentor coach will help you prioritize and plan each of these items based on your unique vision for your business or ministry.  If you are in need of a mentor coach, contact me to learn more.   

Initial Start Up Expenses – 

  • Training
  • Adequate work space
  • Computer and peripherals to include printer
  • Security software
  • Mentor coaching to include business vision and marketing plan
  • Registering with your state
  • Branding
  • Website
  • Domain registration
  • Business cards
  • Other print marketing

 On-going Expenses –

  • Phone service
  • Internet service
  • Web hosting
  • List management service
  • Office supplies

Other Expenses:

  • Marketing
  • Certification
  • Professional association fees
  • Training and professional development
  • Shopping cart
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Financial accounting software
  • Tax Accountant

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