It’s been a week since President Obama’s Inauguration Address and one phrase has stuck in my mind…

“The world has changed and we must change with it.”  Yes, I know.  His theme has been change, so why am I surprised?  I’m not surprised at the words – but I am surprised at how this time the words have stuck with me.   

The statement itself is both true and provocative… 

True:  no one will argue the world has changed.

Provocative:  true that in response to a changing world, we must change…but the question is “how?” 

Coaches deal in change.  Our clients want changes in their lives.  We engage in relationships with our clients dedicated to change and we provide structure and process designed to facilitate change.  

The questions for our clients are all about change.  The essence of our questions is basically this:  How do you want to change your world?

To my readers who are prospective or new Christian coaches, the question is the same.  I challenge you to consider:  How do you want to change your world?  And then…how will you change your world?

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