Recently, I received a request for book recommendations for prospective and new Christian coaches.  When new to coaching, what books answer the initial questions you have?  What books are good to have available as resources as you start out and even as you become an established coach?

The request I received included, “I’d expect you to include your own book on the list!”  So here is a list of my best recommendations for starting your coaching library, including my book, The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training Here you go:

Christian Coaching: Turning Potential Into Reality by Gary R. Collins

If you are just starting to consider coaching this book is a great place to start!  It is the classic book on Christian coaching – an overview of the field that includes the integration of Christian faith with the practice of coaching.  Collins’ book has been a standard recommendation to prospective and new Christian coaches since its first printing in 2001.  The second edition became available in 2009.  Get it at

A Crash Course in Christian Coaching DVD or CD (2007) by Christopher McCluskey

This excellent resource brings a thorough overview of the profession to your viewing screen or listening device.  Christian coaching pioneer, Christopher McCluskey, delivers an interesting, informative primer on the field.  It made my list and it’s not even a book!  Get this DVD or CD at

The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training, 2013 Edition by Linda C Hedberg

This resource orients the reader to coaching and identifies credentialing and training options.  Eleven decision-making factors for how to choose a training programs and information on nineteen top Christian coach training programs makes this an invaluable resource to those considering professional coach training for business or ministry.  Get this one as an ebook, softcover, or in a package combined with other helpful resources at

Leadership Coaching:  The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian Coach by Tony Stoltzfus.

This book teaches basic classic coaching skills and techniques and integrates biblical concepts and a Christian world view.  Use this book when you want to start learning and practicing coaching skills.  Get it at

Coaching Questions:  A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills by Tony Stoltzfus

Every great coach asks great questions.  This book can be your initial exposure to the skill of asking great questions, and you will also likely find yourself keeping it on your bookshelf for reference after you’ve taken training and established yourself as a coach.  Get it at

Co-Active Coaching:  New Skills for Coaching People Toward Work and Life by Whitworth et al.

This very commonly used coaching textbook teaches coaching skills, concepts and methodology.  Though not a “Christian” book, it is often taught and studied from a Christian perspective.   Get it at

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