Five Things to Know About Christian Coach Training:  Post 5

What besides coach training contributes to your success as a coach?

Coach training is key, but not the only answer for your success as a coach in business or ministry.  Of course, first and foremost your success is defined by God’s call and work in your life.  And most likely God will use your coach training as key to the success to which you’ve been called.  But he will also use other factors in your success as well.  Completing an excellent Christian coach training program will not be the sole factor.  Other factors God may use include  your previous business and technology expertise, your established network of contacts, your personal community of support, ongoing mentor coaching, and your investment of time, money and hard work. 

Before you invest your money, time and heart into coach training, become familiar with options.  Even before you evaluate your options, get very clear on your unique God-breathed vision.  Use that vision as a guide for choosing the training you will take.  Then follow God’s lead as you make the best use of your training and resources to step into the coaching vision to which you’ve been called.

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