Five Things to Know About Christian Coach Training:  Post 4

What basic curriculum is covered included in an effective program of coach training?

Coach training curriculum will teach you coaching skills, challenge you to apply coaching to yourself and train you in business start-up skills.  To be successful at starting up a business or ministry you will need knowledge and skills in each of these areas.  Each program will address these areas in different ways and to different extents.  Some will offer a basic introduction to each of these things in one class while others offer separate classes for each topic. 

Based on your background and what you know about your own experience, plan your training accordingly.  For example, if you have no experience with starting up a business and you plan to start a coaching business, you will need training in this area.  Ideally the coach training program you choose will cover all you need to know about creating a business.  But if the curriculum in your training program is not thorough with the business start up information you need, you may have to supplement your training in other ways – for example with alternative business-focused workshops and/or mentor coaching.

In honor of International Coaching Week, I’ve been posting every day on Five Things to Know About Christian Coach Training.  As the author of The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training (ebook), my hope is that you find the coach training that is uniquely right for you.  The posts this week have been dedicated to supporting the decision about coach training that will be the best match for the vision that God has uniquely called you to.  

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