Some may be surprised by my need to clarify the issue discussed in my post today.  Others see the need as obvious.  Whatever your perspective is, my desire is to again give you information that helps you make the Christian coach training decision that is uniquely right for you.

Five Things to Know About Christian Coach Training:  Post 2

Christian coach trainers express a compelling desire to honor Christ and the authority of Bible in their training.  This is true of all the programs featured in my ebook.  Some programs use spiritual language and biblical references more profusely than others in their marketing materials.  But all acknowledge the centrality of Christ and cite the Bible as the authoritative word of God.

Integrating Christian faith and biblical principals with coaching concepts and practices is the focus of Christian coach training programs.   As you read marketing materials and review programs you may want to know more about how a particular program integrates Christian precepts with coach training.  Maybe you have questions about how a program uses scripture or views the work of the Holy Spirit in coaching, for examples.  If you have these questions, contact programs directly and allow program directors to speak for themselves.  When considering these types of questions, base your evaluations of programs on your direct communication with representatives from each program.

The current edition of The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training featuresfifteen programs that teach classic coaching in a Christian context. Included are thorough descriptions of certification and accreditation. Eleven decision-making factors for how to choose coach training are identified. The ebook goes beyond answering the obvious questions and equips those new to the field with the answers they need in order to make great decisions for themselves. Learn more about the ebook by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow’s post will address the question, “how important is accrediation and certification?'”

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