Happy International Coaching Week!  It’s the 13th annual observance, and traditionally during this first full week of February, coaches offer extra events and pro bono services to help increase the awareness and understanding of the power and benefits of coaching.

In honor of International Coaching Week, I will be posting every day on Five Things to Know About Christian Coach Training.  As the author of The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training (ebook), my hope is that you find the coach training that is uniquely right for you.  The posts this week are dedicated to supporting the decision about coach training that will be the best match for the vision that God has uniquely called you to.  For those starting this journey, here is the first of five things to know about Christian coach training.

Five Things to Know About Christian Coach Training:  Post 1 

There are a variety of Christian coach training program options.  Even after searching the web or asking an established Christian coach, people regularly call me, wondering if there are options.  After looking on the web, you will likely identify a handful of Christian coach training programs.  But not all are easily identified.  After researching on the web and receiving recommendations from known leaders in Christian coaching, the latest edition of my ebook features 15 programs.  These programs teach classic coaching, from a Christian perspective.

So, “yes,” there are options!  Some programs are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) or the International Association of Coaches (IAC).  Some offer niche-specific training such as career, cross-cultural or life purpose coaching.  In addition to introductory courses, there are advanced courses as well.  Some programs are more geared toward coaching in Christian organizations and others focus on coaching individuals.  There are various options in delivery methods and price range.  For anyone considering Christian coach training, it is important to learn the options and choose the best match for the unique vision God has set before you.

The current edition of The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training features fifteen programs that teach classic coaching in a Christian context.   Included are thorough descriptions of certification and accreditation.  Eleven decision-making factors for how to choose coach training are identified.  The ebook goes beyond answering the obvious questions and equips those new to the field with the answers they need in order to make great decisions for themselves.  Learn more about the ebook by clicking HERE.

Tomorrow’s post will address the question, “are Christian coach training programs really ‘Christian?'”

I will be at the blog regularly this week.  Feel free to post questions here or email me at:  CoachLinda at ChristianCoachingResources dot com


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