The start of the WebCafe Marketing Class is just one week away!

Beth Cole (“webservant” and web marketing expert from ) and I are looking forward to joining those of you – including new and experienced Christian life coaches – who have already reserved your place at the WebCafe!

As you may have heard, the WebCafe menu offers hot web marketing strategies to our technology-timid friends!  If you are a coach who can confidently describe yourself as a “non-techie” and you haven’t yet signed up to learn how to go beyond just having a website to making the most of your marketing opportunities – reserve your place now by going to .

Go to to easily access further details and to register for the six-session class which meets Tuesdays, January 16 – February 20, from 1-2 PM EST (New York).  The live teleclasses, weekly webinar presentation, handouts, supplemental materials and more are available in packages starting at just $159 USD.

Though we as instructors are Christians, as are others who have signed up for the class, the class is certainly open to those of all faiths. 

While preparing for the class, Beth and I are keeping in mind Hebrews 25:10 – a verse that calls us to meet together and encourage one another.  A phrase from this verse (quoted from the Message) that reflects our hearts is “let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging one another in love and helping out.”

We’d love to have you join us!

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