It came to my attention yesterday that there are new Christian coaches unaware of some helpful business tools that are available free.  If this is you, I don’t want you to be left out:  

  • For offering a group or training session by phone, you can obtain a free teleconference phone number.  This is your personal number and so you can schedule it at your convenience.  Arrange this at . 
  • If you want to create a PDF but don’t have the required software on your computer, you can go to www.pdfonline and follow the simple instructions for converting your document to a PDF file.  You upload your file and they send it back to you fairly immediately via email as a PDF.  Again a free service. 
  • A survey may be a very helpful tool to facilitate client communications – and contribute to your marketing efforts.  Ask clients to submit information and then use the info you get to develop products and services that delight them.  Sign up at and take a few minutes to get familiar with this free online survey-creation tool – see how easy it can be.

International Coaching Week

The first week of February is International Coaching Week.  I will be joining other coaches during this week who will be offering free coaching sessions.  My schedule will be open for all who wish to schedule a no-charge coaching session or consultation

So, I’ve cleared the week of February 1-7 on my schedule.  Since this post is the first time I’m announcing the opportunity, email me right now and you might be able to schedule your most convenient time that week.  When you email me, request an “International Coaching Week” free session and suggest a couple of times that work for you. 

I look forward to seeing your name on my schedule and meeting with you personally at our scheduled session.  

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