So it starts in full force on Monday – the Christian Coaches Network eSummit – after a fantastic pre-conference day last week. You haven’t missed out. More than 30 sessions are still scheduled and you can purchase the package that includes recordings of any sessions you’ve missed or can’t attend.

There are so many reasons to be a part of this eSummit! Including…

Join the bigger Christian coaching community. Connect with coaches with rich and diverse backgrounds, training, and vision for coaching – like-minded coaches who share Christian faith. Be inspired.

Be equipped and energized. Learn. Topics include everything from coaching skills mastery to successful business development to integrating the practice of coaching with faith and ministry.

Register now here.

Speakers include:

Jennifer Britton

Doug Lundrigan

Ircel Harrison

Jennie Turton

Gary Wood

Christopher McCluskey

Chris Kirby

Nathan Kreger

Keith Webb

Steve Ogne

Gary Wood

Susan Whitcomb

Jane Creswell

Tony Stoltzfus

Ben Koh

Michael Marx

Tanya Smith

Gary Collins

Bryan Wintersteen

Tracy Stevens

Cheryl Scanlan

Mary Verstraete

Kim Avery

Christina Lee

Tim Figley

Lyn Eichmann

Fran La Mattina

Janice LaVore-Fletcher

Diane Wiater

Jory Fisher

Sam Farina

Gary Beck

Nancy Branton

Register now. I will be hosting the evening sessions. “See” you there!

Not a Christian Coaches Network member? You don’t have to be to attend the conference, but I definitely recommend getting an annual membership to CCN at the same time you register for the conference to result in great savings and a remarkably reasonable cost for the combination. (I’ve been a member since 2003!)

In the spirit of full disclosure, the link in this post is an affiliate link which means I may receive compensation as a thank you from CCN for referring you. If you prefer a non-affiliate link, simply go to the Christian Coaches website here.

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