Last month, I attended a teleforum hosted by Milana Leshinsky featuring successful, experienced coaches offering “coaching predictions” for 2007.  I got to thinking about the field of Christian coaching and wondered what successful, experienced Christian coaches would have to say about emerging trends in Christian coaching for 2007. 

So, I contacted Judy Santos, Master Certified Coach and Founder/President of the Christian Coaches Network and asked her to share her thoughts.  She graciously responded by offering her thoughts on twelve trends she sees as new and growing in 2007, including:

  • Increasingly, churches contracting with professionally trained coaches or creating staff positions for them.  Lay coach training will become more prevalent within churches.
  • Coaching offered as part of masters programs at seminaries and some Christian universities contributing to greater exposure of coaching in the Christian community.
  • Christian coaches finding increased business success by presenting more workshops and training with coaching services offered as follow up.
  • Emerging trends that will make coaching more available to people who are not financially able to contract with a coaches individually – such as opportunities resulting from federally funded programs and through non-profit organizations and also through the increased availability of group coaching.
  • The number of Christian coach training programs will continue to increase, and in some cases this is concerning.
  • It will not be surprising if licensing requirements become a reality for professional coaches within the next five years.
  • The market for Christian coaching will continue to grow!

Judy develops all these ideas and more in the complete document you can find here:

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Judy Santos is a Master Certified Coach, the highest level of certification granted by the International Coach Federation.  She works with entrepreneurs and people in the midst of change as well as mentoring new coaches.  She is celebrating her tenth year as a professional life coach, .  She is the founder and president of the Christian Coaches Network, , which was established in 1998.  She has trained thousands of coaches by teaching at Coach U and, for the last seven years, co-leading the Christian Track at the Institute for Life Coach Training which is currently the only life coach training program that is accredited by the International Coach Federation and led from a Christian perspective.  She also co-leads training through the Christian Coach Training Institute which focuses on lay coaching within the church.


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