As you start your new life coaching business, you’re likely considering producing a website.  This can be done fairly easily and cheaply.  However, just establishing the site doesn’t guarantee results.  To gain the results you want, educate yourself. 

Becoming web marketing savvy is typically not a passionate goal of coaches (are you with me?).  So I’m happy to refer you to another very helpful resource listed on the Christian Coaching Resources site

Today’s featured resource is The Insiders Guide to Web Marketing – Big Ideas for Small Companies, an e-book by Beth Cole of 

This e-book is written to “non-techie” people like me, in a language we can understand.  It gives an overview of the really great opportunities available in marketing on the web – clear info and guidance that will help you establish a web marketing plan to effectively gain results.

If you don’t yet have a website and are considering creating one, start first by purchasing this e-book.  If you already have a site and want to learn about how to use it more effectively, The Insiders Guide to Web Marketing is an excellent resource – don’t hesitate to order it today!  The investment is worth the potential in return.

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