While putting together a list of free and low-cost tools on the web, I checked in with Beth Cole of www.thewebservant.com to include her expert input.  Later this week I’ll be posting a brief interview with Beth about cost-effectively creating websites.  In the meantime, we have compiled a list of tools for you to investigate. 

Many of these online tools have free trial periods so you can try them first:

To offer group coaching via telephone:  For the bridge line, I’ve recently had good connections with www.freeconferencecall.com .  Beth says try Whistletree for bride lines also.  To help facilitate your groups (up to five for $27 per month with no long term contract) look into www.groupcoachingmanager.com .

For an online scheduling tool:  I just started using www.timedriver.com and so far, I’m really impressed.  Simple to set up and after the generous 90 day trial the cost is $29.95 for a year.  Beth says also check out Genbook, or Acuity Scheduling (allows payment) .     

To create surveys:  Use www.surveymonkey.com to create surveys to engage your potential clients and invite them for input.  The basic account is free.

To covert a document to pdf:  Try www.pdfonline.com to convert documents to pdf format.  Beth’s additional recommendations include www.freepdfconvert.com and Adobe’s PDF tool (subscription).,

For email marketing and list management:  I use www.constantcontact.com .  Beth recommends another popular possibility, www.icontact.com .  Both offer free trials.

To request money and facilitate client payments:  Until you obtain a merchant account and shopping cart which is more costly, www.paypal.com will facilitate invoices and requests for payment.  Clients can use their credit cards or bank account to make payments.

More on managing client billing:  Beth uses www.freshbooks.com and says other popular solutions are BlinkSale and Harvest.

For delivering ebooks:  Beth recommends www.ejunkie.com  .

For delivering ecourses:  Beth recommends www.icontact.com.

What recommendations for free and low-cost online tools do you have?  Let us know!  Leave your recommendations in comments below. 

Finally, a strong recommendation from me:  To contribute to your success, go order Beth Cole’s ebook, Essential Web Marketing.  It’s a great investment at only $19.95.  Click here to learn more.

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