Here are some key concepts from the workshop Jerome Daley and I presented last week at the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries conference last week:

  • When Life balance is out-of-whack, a door is opened for the thief to steal and kill and destroy true life in Christ.  This is as true for you as it is for those you serve in ministry.  (reference John 10:10)
  • Balance is not about “self-actualization.”  It is not, at the core, about improving the quality of your life (although of course it will).  Balance is about something bigger and more vital to eternity than our comfort.
  • Balance occurs when we assign kingdom value accurately upon the earth.  Imbalance, then, is when we get confused about what is really important.
  • We will never achieve complete balance here on this earth.  We are either moving toward greater balance, or away from it.  The role of the coach is to facilitate movement toward balance as much as possible.
  • As always, look to Jesus as the example.

The workshop was packed with examples of Jesus and other scriptural references.  We provided practical tools – lots of handouts – for participants to use either for their own journey toward balance or for use with those they minister to.

If you have interest in scheduling this workshop for your church, community or conference, please contact me at



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