What do you need to know about coaching before you decide to pursue it?  How much information do you need before you decide what coach training program you will take and whether ICF credentials are important to you?  What needs to take place before you start your business, or name your business or choose your target market?  When will you be ready to take on your first client?

These are all important questions that can contribute greatly to your wise decision-making process as you partner with God in pursuing the vision for coaching He has put in front of you.  There is a lot of information to gather and sort through in order to make the best decisions for yourself.

This process can cause two unproductive responses.  The first is to feel overwhelmed, to avoid getting enough information and to jump into decisions too quickly. The second is to get stuck in analysis-paralysis, completely avoiding making a decision altogether.  I’ve seen both of these responses many times as I’ve consulted with and coached those thinking of becoming coaches.  I’ve seen frustration and discouragement – due to wasted time and opportunity and money.

You know yourself and where you fall on this spectrum.  You know whether you tend toward impulsively making decisions without gathering enough information or if you tend to over-analyze and avoid making decisions.  What can you do to successfully get the information you need without getting stuck in research and analysis? 

You can hold yourself accountable in this process.  Practice self-awareness and pay attention to whether you feel you’re getting obsessed with information-gathering or tempted to jump into decisions too quickly.  Be intentional about managing this for yourself.

You can wisely get information from a variety of credible sources rather than relying on information from just one coach or just one training organization, for example.

You can work with a coach to help you through your decision-making process.  A coach can hold you accountable to gathering enough information but not getting stuck in your process.  A coach can help you make the choices that are right for you.

You can pray though all of this.  You know this, but I’m compelled to remind you.  You can bring every one of these questions directly to God in prayer.

Accessing God’s wisdom and peace by prayer will ultimately be the way to discern when the information you have is what you need to move forward toward the coaching vision He has for you.

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