Recently, a question about the isolation factor in coaching and the need for connecting with other Christian coaches was posted at a Linkedin online discussion forum.  Here, I’m reposting a modified version of my response:

The key to dealing with isolation is to step into relationships. Email and phone conversations (often phone calls scheduled via email, because we’re coaches, right?) are a great way to get to know fellow coaches. 

Feeling isolated and alone is so common among coaches. Without active, healthy relationships our perspectives can become skewed and we can become self-critical and depressed.  If we are truly pursuing balance and health then we must make healthy relationships a priority. That involves putting time on the schedule to connect with others. And there is the problem – we don’t take the time to make the connections. 

I have found great Christian coach connections within the Christian Coaches Network . When I think of my key connections – collegues who have become friends, I think of CCN.

There are many ways to connect with other Christian coaches;  here are a few:

  • Put the time on the schedule and “just do it!”
  • Check with your training school for online, phone and in person groups.
  • Go to the online communities and participate (i.e. don’t just sign in and read – you must participate).  Try the Christian Coaching Center and sign up with one or more community groups there.
  • Use Linkedin and Facebook, etc.  Try the Christian Coaching Magazine group at Facebook.
  • Become a member of the Christian Coaches Network (CCN) and call in on Judy Santos’ monthly CCN calls.
  • Look on the CCN website – in the referral listings – to find a coach near you – and schedule coffee.
  • Definitely use email and phone calls – regularly – i.e. put the calls on on your calendar – and have fun!
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