Coaching for Life Balance in Ministry was the workshop Jerome Daley and I presented as part of the life coaching track at the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries conference in Charlotte, NC, USA, last week.  Christopher McCluskey did a workshop called A Crash Course in Christian Coaching.  Judy Santos and Susan Whitcomb presented on Coaching through Life’s Transitions.  Other Christian Coaching Network members presented on topics including Basic Coaching Skills, Coaching skills Applied to Christian Leadership, and Coaching for Health and Wellness.

The AMFM included the life coaching track in the conference training schedule to introduce members to classic professional coaching and to further inform and equip members for effective ministry.  The AMFM members are primarily counselors, pastors and ministry leaders, from across the country, all with a passion for marriage and family ministries.  This was a rich opportunity to spread further throughout the Christian community the value of coaching and to offer coaching tools and support.

The AMFM experience reminds me of Judy Santos’ discussion of emerging trends in Christian coaching, posted at this blog on February 2.  Professionally trained Christian coaches are increasingly seeing more opportunities within the community of Christian leaders and churches to contribute coaching education , resources and support.

Pioneers of Christian coaching have for years been blazing trails and creating paths for other Christian coaches to follow.  I, for one, thank them for their work and commitment.

All for the glory and purposes of God!

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