Here are four things that will contribute to your personal and professional success in 2015. Please notice that for meaningful results, they all work together!

  1. A Calendar Some of you are gasping because you can’t imagine life without your calendar! However, I have found it not so uncommon for aspiring and new coaches not to have and use a basic calendar. Using a calendar is probably not optional if you are expecting success, although there are many different options for what to use and how to do this. Some love electronic calendars but others work best traditionally, on paper. Yes, you can use pencil and paper if that’s your thing. Just do what works for you! Reference it every day. I suggest intentionally including the specifics of your calendar in prayer every day.

These are the tools that work for me:  Google Calendar on my desktop and phone. Evernote for lists, notes and more on my desktop and phone. And a new tool this year (involving pencil and paper!) for meaningful planning – a Passion Planner found here.

  1. Scheduled Office Hours Often aspiring and new coaches think of their schedule as wide open, with maybe a class and a client session here and there. Otherwise the hours in the day are up for grabs. Are you available for coffee? Anytime! Can you help paint my kitchen on Thursday afternoon? Of course! Will you be the event coordinator for the next conference? We’re meeting every Monday afternoon for planning. OK! Sure, as an entrepreneur working from home, you have flexibility! But set office hours and invest in establishing and growing your business or ministry during your those hours. If you take “time off” of office hours, do so intentionally and reschedule what you had on your work schedule just as you would if you were employed for someone else.

Check out this excellent article at Inc. that references office hours and other great habits for working from home.

  1. A PlanWhat goes on your calendar and what besides classes and client sessions do you need to plan? Well, a lot actually! Hopefully, you are learning about all the aspects of putting together a coaching business or ministry through your training program and by working with a coach. Pulling it all together and establishing your unique plan is essential. Don’t worry if your plan for 2015 isn’t crystal clear right now. It’s essentially a work in progress anyway. God regularly reshapes and even redirects our plans as we daily bring them to prayer, right? But write down what you do know about how God is leading you in 2015 and then set goals and determine next steps and take action!

Here is a practical article from ICF with great tips for developing your plan.

  1. Your PassionDon’t create a plan, schedule office hours and put stuff on your calendar without it all reflecting your personal passion and sense of purpose. If you are not sure of your passion or purpose, work with a coach who can help you get clear on what matters most to you and how you can align your work and life accordingly in 2015!

Find Christian coaches at the Christian Coaches Network here.

If you’d like to work with me as your coach you can find info here. For coaching support for any of the areas mentioned above, email me to let me know you are interested and we will schedule a time to talk about how coaching can support all the best for you in 2015!

Don’t begin this year without a calendar, scheduled office hours, a plan and your passion!

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