After working to remodel the website, I’m celebrating the new look of this site!  The goal is still to provide low and no-cost information to Christians who are curious about coaching.  The information and resources here are meant to help each person determine the place of coaching in their career, ministry and life

Learn about Christian coaching.  Explore the profession.  Connect with others.  Find resources for new coaches.  Consider training and certification options.  Get help and inspiration at the blog.

Now that the new look has been introduced, I can step into the next phase of remodeling which includes regularly adding new resources and information.  I highly recommend using WordPress to create and build your website.  Once it’s up and running, it’s not too tough for non-techies like me to post a blog or add new information.  So, although my virtual assistant, Susan Fleming of Electronic Marketing Success built the site, I can do some of the updates myself if I choose.  This said, I encourage you to check out WordPress if you are creating a website in the near future.

I must also thank my friend Beth Cole, now of One Lily, because per her usual she created a fabulous new logo and website header for me!  Susan and Beth would be at my ideal party – the one I would have in “real life” if we all were in the same city.  You, my readers and participants here at the Christian Coaching Resources, would ideally be celebrating with me too – if we could make it out of virtual space and into the same room.  For now, I’ll just have to ask you to tour the site on your own and then let me know your questions and comments either here at the blog or by email.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Christian Coaching Resources