After reading my last post, you possibly read Patrick’s comment also.  Patrick talks about how he’s thinking through using elevator statements and what will work for him.  He gives you a good example of what the process of wrestling with elevator statements is like.

Though there is undoubtedly more value to the process that this, creating elevator statements is helpful if for no other reason than it forces you to put words to what you want to say.  Choosing words in advance of a new situation (like one where you need to boldly state:  “I’m a life coach”), is what many of us need to do to feel comfortable when that situation arises.  (I know, there are many of you who are really comfortable with most anything that trips off your tongue – in many ways I envy that – it’s just not me).  So for anyone like me, just hearing yourself say the words (yes, even in front of the mirror or into the cell phone recorder for personal playback) can be really helpful.

But, is there really a canned, one-size-fits-all-potential-interactions statement that will be your ticket to success as a life coach?  I haven’t found that for myself.  Rather, for me it’s important to enter all conversations bringing my authentic self, hopefully including my natural curiosity and true compassion for who I’m talking with (I dont’ mean to say that I always accomplish this).  I find that being concerned about when to interject a prepared statement causes me to lose a focus on compassionate interest in the person with whom I’m talking – and I’m not willing to lose that.

From personal experience, I am happy to report that it is possible to get confortable with “elevator-statements-moments.”  You can comfortably and effectively communicate what you do – “I’m a life coach” – in an authentic manner that engages people and interests them in purchasing your services.  I’ll share more about this in my next post.

BTW, I invite you to participate in this discussion – please tell me what about elevator statements is working well for you and what your challenges are.  If you haven’t commented on a blog post before, here’s a great opportunity.  Click on “comments” below and follow the prompts to speak your heart and mind – I would love to “hear” your voice.


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