This past month, I’ve been surveying aspiring and new coaches to learn their biggest questions about becoming a coach.

Aspiring coaches have responded to “What are your biggest questions as you consider becoming a coach?” New and experienced coaches have shared answers to “What were your biggest questions as you considered becoming a coach?” and “Looking back from the experience you’ve gained, what were the important questions you didn’t know to ask?”Survey Questions

In December I’ll announce a new resource I’m creating that will address the core questions.

In the meantime here are sample questions aspiring coaches shared, with some resources that help answer the questions.

Following are sample questions experienced coaches said were the important questions they didn’t know to ask:

  • What will my focus/niche be?
  • How will I get established and find my initial clients?
  • Should I market myself as a “Christian Coach” or as a Coach who is a Christian?
  • A great way to address these questions is to work with a coach to find the answers that apply to you uniquely.

If you’d like to add your voice to this, you can still contribute by completing the survey here:

If you are thinking about becoming a coach,
please answer one question: HERE

If you are an experienced coach,
please answer a couple of questions:HERE

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