Leaves are changing color and shine brightly against blue-sky backdrops.  Some are already falling and dance gently in the cool crisp breeze. 

Here in Minnesota, we are fully experiencing the beauty of autumn.

Lest you be lulled to sleep by poetic imagery, I must announce a wake-up call. 

To all Christian life coaches who plan to do business in 2007, I must remind you that it’s what you do today that brings results three months (and further) down the road. 

In just three months, we will be ringing in the New Year.  Potential clients will be making resolutions and considering how to make the most of 2007.  You can help them “make the most.”

How will they find you? 

The time is now – yes, now in October – to create and begin executing a marketing plan designed to support business for 2007.

My blog-tour of the www.christiancoachingresources.com site continues. 

Christian Coaching Resources exists to provide valuable resources and information for new and prospective Christian coaches.  The following books do not specifically include a Christian perspective.  However, they offer great info that can be used by any Christian coach to contribute to an effective marketing plan.  Go to the site and find the following:

Get Clients Now!  by C. J. Hayden – Focuses on tried and true marketing practices with step-by-step guidlines for a 28-day marketing plan.

Multiple Streams of Coaching Income by Andrea J. Lee -Takes you beyond the pursuit of one-on-one coaching clients and challenges you to consider additional streams of income.  Creating multiple streams of income is a great (arguably essential) way to augment your one-on-one coaching practice. 

The Insider’s Guide to Web Marketing by Beth Cole – Gives you the info you need to start marketing effectively on the web.  It provides great info for non-techie-type coaches who need basic info and then takes you further so you can make the most of your web-based opportunities.

Contact me today, for coaching to develop and implement your marketing plan for 2007.   We can work together on it starting in January, but if you begin today you will thank yourself in 2007!

Linda Dallaire can be reached at linda@lifestoriescoaching.com or 763.780.8508.      

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