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OK.  Topics in making the life coach training decision.

What about accredited vs non-accredited life coach training, and why do you care?

First, programs are awarded accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF).  If you take training from an accredited program and follow their prescribed course of action you can personally receive ICF approved certification awarded by that program.  If you take non-accredited training it is still possible to obtain ICF certification but you have to work directly with them through a “portfolio” process.  Taking the accredited training is probably your most efficient way to gain certification.  Go to the ICF website for information on a list of accredited programs and information about coach certification.

Keep in mind that anyone can create a training program and award a certification.  So how do you know that a training program is of the quality you are seeking?  How do you know that the certification you would receive holds the value you desire?  Well, through the accreditation process, ICF offers structure and standards by which you can evaluate programs.  Otherwise, if the program you are considering is not ICF accredited, you really don’t know the extent to which it meets professional standards.  It may meet them very well..or…maybe not. 

Also be aware that as training programs apply for ICF accreditation there is a process that takes time.  Perhaps the program you are considering is in the process of becoming accredited.  Be sure to ask – that is if accreditation and certification is important to you.

So now you may wonder why is certification important to you?  That’s the next blog entry.  And I know some of you might be thinking, “as a Christian do I really need to consider the standards of the ICF?”  I will also address that within the next few days.  Sign up for the e-mail updates or come back tomorrow – “see” you then! 

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