ccn-2003-conferenceI’m a saver. Take a look at this CCN conference materials binder from 2003! It’s been in my office, on the bookshelf ever since. It’s from the first ever CCN conference, an in-person event held in Virginia Beach, VA. Next week, I will attend the sixth CCNI conference, a virtual event called Maximize, September 29 – October 1.

I have great memories from that first conference in 2003. I remember the excellent breakout sessions (and got cassette tapes to review after!). I remember the joy we shared over connecting with like-minded coaches from around the country and globally (I met Christian coaches there from the UK and Germany). I remember putting faces the names of my fellow coach training students and instructors. I remember meeting Gary R. Collins and other leaders in the Christian coaching industry. I remember singing together, united in worship. What a wonderful event that shaped me both professionally and personally!

And look how far things have come!

Some things have changed – the organization is now Christian Coaches Network International.

But the potential for impact remains the same – both personally for individual coaches and collectively for the field of professional Christian coaching.

Register now for the next CCNI Conference
which is next week!

I’m anticipating all the sessions to be valuable, but here is a sample of the 20+ speakers you will hear next week:

  • Jane Creswell
  • Christopher McCluskey
  • Kim Avery
  • Tony Stoltzfus
  • Keith Webb
  • Jonathan Reitz
  • Tanya Smith

And here is a sample of almost 30 topics to be addressed next week:

  • Coaching Christian Business Leaders
  • The Fine Line Between Leadership Coaching and Consulting
  • Coaching with Questions for Jesus
  • Public Speaking for Influence and Impact
  • Four Reasons Your Coaching Business is Failing (and how to fix it!)
  • Creating  Opportunities to Coach Clergy
  • Systemitizing your Coaching Business
  • The Must-Haves: Ethics and Morality in Your Coaching Business
  • Team and Group Coaching: Tips, Tricks and Accelerators

maximize-graphic-oneYou don’t want to miss this! Go register now!


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