Recently, I read an article reporting shady life coaching business practices, and bringing into question the lack of regulation in the coaching industry. Posted by NBC News, the article acknowledges that “while illicit activity can happen in any industry, life coaching is particularly susceptible because it is unregulated and anyone can say they’re a life coach establish a practice. [sic]” Advice for prospective new clients includes “The International Coach Federation certifies coaches at three levels — ACC, PCC and MCC. These are the credentials to look for.”
Credentials GraphicAs the author of The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training the most asked question I hear is “do I have to be credentialed?” Most asking this question wonder if credentials are required in order to practice as a life coach and the answer is “no, not today.” For many coaches, this is a welcomed answer. But as the article points out, there are ways regulation could be helpful to potential clients. Additionally, the public view of the coaching industry (and potentially my coaching business and yours) isn’t helped when non-regulation can understandably be seen in the shady light described in the NBC News article.
When Christian coaches ask me this question, I encourage them to consider the vision God has given them for their business or ministry. How will credentials enhance the vision God has put before you? Keep in mind, credentials reflect excellent training and mentoring that advances your skills and increases the gifts and services with which you can bless the clients God has assigned to you.



I encourage all coaches to research and become aware of credentials available through the International Coach Federation. Pray through decisions about credentials. Look at your credentialing opportunities in light of the unique vision to which God has called you.

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