As you know, it’s Advent.Advent Candles

I was raised in a Christian church tradition that didn’t focus on the liturgical calendar, so Advent wasn’t emphasized. We didn’t light Sunday candles or have an Advent wreath in our home. The meaning behind the traditional celebration of Advent is not woven into my childhood Christmas memories. Of course, we enjoyed preparation for Christmas Day and celebrating the birth of Christ. But now as an adult I enjoy a more traditional observation of Advent — and contemplating waiting.

Here is an excerpt from my recent Advent readings:
“To the God who stands outside of space and time and who orders the whole of creation, our hours, days, years, eons have a radically different meaning. What is a long time to us is an instant for God, and hence what seems like delay to us is no delay at all to God. What seems like dumb and pointless waiting to us can be the way that God, in a unique and finally mysterious manner, is working God’s purposes out.” (Robert Barron)
As a coach, I’m all about helping people move forward. But I fully believe that to move forward according to God’s greater purposes for your life, at times you need to wait.
What waiting do you need to do now, in this season, to ultimately allow for moving forward into your next season according to God’s greater purposes?
Here’s to this season of waiting. Talking and listening to God. And waiting for the amazing thing God will do next. I’m waiting. And challenging you to wait too!