2016 Gifts and Gratitude

Welcome to the Gifts and Gratitude follow up page!

Here you will find a resources or resources we discussed when we met together.

The Becoming a Coach: What You Want to Know audio (unedited from October 2016) is here (about 45 minutes):

Use this for notes as you listen to the Becoming a Coach audio above: Becoming a Coach

Here is a short audio clip to answer Can I Make Money as a Coach (3 minutes)?

To start your library, get Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential Into Reality by Gary R Collins (available at Amazon).

For answers about coach training and credentials use coupon code GO2017 for 50% off through December 31 when purchasing my ebook The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training at the following link:  www.christiancoachtrainingguide.com

For help with questions about how to set a foundation for a successful coaching business or ministry use coupon code GO2017 for $50 off through December 31 when purchasing my ecourse The Business of Coaching: Starting the Journey:  https://www.christiancoachingresources.com/courses/the-business-of-coaching-starting-the-journey/

I’m glad you participated in the event! Keep in touch and feel free to send me your updates and questions.

Christian Coaching Resources