Recently I read a blog post titled “With Lupus, Holidays Are a Balance Between What I Want to Do and What I Can Do.” Having lupus myself, I could relate to the title. The holidays present so many beautiful opportunities. Lupus keeps me from doing all I want to do. It requires me to accept my limitations and make choices about what I can do with the goal of maintaining optimal health.

We all have limitations. Especially when it comes to the holidays, we all must choose between what we want to do and what we can do. Trying to do it all is not possible for any of us. As coaches, we know that setting boundaries and making choices that best support our health is part of practicing life balance.


Tips for Balancing the Holidays:

  1. Pray and ask what God has in mind for your holidays. God doesn’t have planned an event schedule that would threaten your health and steal your focus. What God has in mind for you is unique and no one can tell you what that is but God.
  2. Ask what is God’s vision for your unique holiday season. If you identify the vision, then ask yourself what needs to happen for you to participate with God in making that happen.
  3. Be intentional about pursuing God’s vision for your holidays. It can be challenging. You will have to set boundaries, but this approach to planning your holidays will make clear your yeses and your nos.
  4. Stay committed to God’s plan for your unique holidays and take one step at a time. God bless you as you maintain that commitment and experience the fullness of the vision God has planned for you!