Considering becoming a professional coach?

Researching coach training options?

Wondering what credentials you need or if you need them at all?

Looking for professional coach training within a Christain context?

This ebook will help you find the answers you need!


by Linda Hedberg

The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training

46-page ebook + Current Directory of Christian Coach Training Schools

For those considering coach training for personal development, professional applications, or serving and ministry, this comprehensive resource provides answers. 

    • A primer on the field of Christian coaching 
    • Information on accreditation of schools and credentialing of coaches 
    • A downloadable directory of current top Christian coach training schools
    • The directory provides information on each school listed such as primary areas of coach training focus, ICF approval status, website and contact information. 
    • Eleven decision-making factors are presented, guiding readers through the process of choosing coach training that is right for their unique purposes. 
    • Training accredited and approved by the International Coach Federation is featured, including courses applicable to ICF credentials at all levels. 
    • Gain access to the directory of Christian coach training schools updated regularly in 2020.

Thank you, Linda!  The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training is truly a gift to the Christian coaching field.  

Kim Avery, Professional Certified Coach and Coach Trainer

This book will save you so much time and effort.  Linda has literally done all the work for you with this helpful guide.

Tanya Smith,  Social Content Marketing Strategist

As I reflect back on the influence of your great book, it is a testimony to I see how far I have come since finding it. Your book was literally my first entrée into the whole field of coaching and especially Christian Coaching.

AP, China

Your book and encouragement to be in patient prayer about a vision for such work have all been very helpful to exploring my interest in Christian coaching.  Thank you for all the work you have done to help process through these possibilities in a healthy and realistic way.

KN, Michigan

When I first started my search for a coach training program, I was overwhelmed with all the options. I knew I had choices that ranged from a two-week workshop to a two-year grad school program.  Your book was the perfect resource for me. It helped lay out what my options were and guided me in making a decision that was right for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering enrolling in a Coach Training program.

KS, Illinois

If you have any interest in training as a Christian life coach, this is the book to have. It can save you hours of research, is both instructive and objective, and is written with integrity. It was incredibly helpful and led me to find an excellent training program.

TK, California

Linda Hedberg

About the Author

Linda C Hedberg, PCC, is the author of The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training, a unique resource that features top professional Christian coach training programs and helps Christians make effective decisions about entering the profession and choosing a training program. As an International Coach Federation credentialed coach, she is a coach and mentor to aspiring and new Christian coaches and provides information and resources at She is the presenter for the regularly scheduled Christian Coaches Network International teleseminar, “Becoming a Coach: What You Want to Know.”

Since her initial coach training in 2003, Linda has received certifications from three top Christian coach training programs. In her life and leadership coaching practice, Greater Purpose Coaching, she helps those asking “what’s next” align their vision and plans with their unique purpose so they can have more meaning, satisfaction and joy.

Contact Linda at

Concise, informative, relevant and easy to understand, this valuable guidebook says all we need to know about competent coaching training from a Christian perspective.

Gary R. Collins, PhD.
Author, Christian Coaching:  Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality

When I was gathering training hours for my PCC, The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training helped me find just the right one to suit my needs.

Michael J. Marx, MBA, EdD, PCC, and Past President, Christian Coaches Network International,   Author, Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches

When anyone asks me which coaching school to attend, the first place I send them is The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training.

Tony Stoltzfus, Owner of Coach 22



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The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training  is a primer on the field of Christian coaching with in depth information about:

  • Accreditation

  • Credentialing

  • Directory of top schools 

  • The Eleven decision-making factors for the best coach training for your unique purposes

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