Welcome to Group Mentor Coaching!


How does Linda’s Group Mentor Coaching work?

  •  You’ll get a Zoom link within 48 hours of the first session.
  • To get credit for a full hour of mentor coaching, be present at the top of the hour and stay present and participating for the complete hour.
  • Each session will feature a brief teaching and resources from Linda, then a coaching demo, then a debrief of the coaching demo and questions.
  • Each of the group participants will serve as the coach and the client at least one scheduled time during the group. You will receive a schedule in the week prior to the first group session.
  • I’m always open to questions, comments and suggestions and I recommend using email to contact me.

ICF Core Competencies 

Here are the ICF eight core competencies in two formats – one with the full descriptions and one with the eight summarized on one sheet.

Core Competency Resources

If you need a reorientation or a refresher on the core competencies start at the ICF core competency page here. We will be using the context of the updated  model featuring 8 Core Competencies. You will find the traditional 11 Core Competencies referenced at this page and referred to as “current.” The  updated model was announced in fall of 2019. Training has been transitioning since then and likely the 8 CC model will take on the “current” title very soon.

A very helpful resource I encourage you to download from this page is the Core Competency Comparison Chart. The downside is that it’s organized around the 11 CC’s. However, the standards for performance for the ACC, PCC and MCC remain the same.

Mentor Coaching: What You Want to Know

If you are new to mentor coaching, here is a video I did for Christian Coaches Network International on January 20, 2022. My co-presenter is Cindy Schmelzenbach and our presentation was called “Mentor Coaching: What You Want to Know.”

For more on the Christian Coaches Network International go here.

Life Coaching Comparison Tool


Here is a popular resource of mine that compares coaching (not only life, but leadership, executive, career, etc) to counseling, consulting, spiritual direction, mentoring/discipleship and pastoral care.

When to refer a client to therapy

Here is an ICF document that discusses when to refer a client to therapy.

Christian Coaching Resources