The Business of Coaching: Starting the Journey

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If you’re like many coaches starting out, the business of coaching may not be your strength. You may wonder, what does it take to start a coaching business or ministry? What contributes to the ultimate success of a Christian coaching business or ministry? Where do I begin and how do I establish a foundation for success?

This eCourse is for you if you are:

  • curious about what it takes to establish a foundation for success
  • considering creating a business or ministry
  • just starting out or re-starting your coaching business or ministry
  • ready to establish a foundation for a successful coaching business or ministry

Topics covered in this 8 module eCourse include:

  • Walking Your Coaching Talk
  • Creating Business Vision
  • Marketing Basics
  • Managing Your Business
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • And Much More!

Learn how to establish a foundation for success. Take what you learn and apply step-by-step to establish a strong foundation from which to build your successful coaching business or ministry!

This eCourse is based on a popular resource of mine called “My Successful Christian Coaching Business or Ministry Checklist” and a teleseminar I’ve traditionally offered annually called “The Business of Coaching: What Does it Take?”